Nirav Modi, the fugitive businessman who is involved in ₹13,000 crore PNB scam was arrested in London a few days ago and his lawyers are doing their best to get him out.

That's what you'd expect in such a case but things got a little bizarre when barrister Clare Montgomery requested his bail on grounds that he is a dog parent and hence less likely to flee the UK, reports NDTV.

Source: Business Standard

Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot had denied him bail on Friday, saying that he posed 'substantial' flight risk and lacked 'community ties' in the UK. 

As a counterargument, Clare Montgomery said:

He did have a son at Charterhouse (school in London) who has now gone to university in the States and as a sign of ageing parents, led Modi to get a dog instead. None of these actions are emblematic of someone setting out to flee the country.
Source: HW News

While further adding:

It is nonsense to say that he is a flight risk. He does not have a safe haven open to him and he has not travelled or applied for citizenship elsewhere - he only qualifies for leave to remain in this country.
Source: India Today

It is important to note here that Britain is known to be very animal loving.

The hearings are still underway but it sure is weird to think that a $1-2 billion scammer could get a bail because he has a pet dog.