Ever wondered what happened to self-styled Godman Nithyananda, who had fled the country after been accused of rape?


Yeah, well, @Its_DineshKumar on Twitter found out, what he was up to. 

It appears that the man has been busy founding his own country!

Sad Moment

Yeah, believe it or not, that is apparently a thing! You could be reading this article or founding a new country. It’s as easy as that!


Except, of course, you don’t own an island in Equador, South America (We couldn’t verify this independently), as Nithyananda does.  

Actually, it turns out the website for ‘Kailaasa’, Nithyananda’s new country, has been up since April 2019. 


The website describes this proposed country as ‘a nation without borders created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries’.


Also, I don’t know where he gets his data from, (possibly from the same source as his science theories), but he plans on having a ‘100 million Adi Shaivites amongst 2 billion practicing Hindus’. 


He also plans to have a ‘Cosmic Constitution’ for Kailaasa. Yeah, we have as much idea about what that it as you do!

And the national flag/emblem is actually a smiling picture of him, among other things. 


Also, this country will have a reserve bank that’ll accept cryptocurrency. 


He also has a lot of other plans and quite a few controversial points on that website. So I’ll just let you go through that. You will realise that human beings have finally peaked!


This is so cool, isn’t it? I mean, even the good Lord Shiva couldn’t have seen this coming!