Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday gave an alternative to those craving liquor in Bihar which has imposed stringent laws on sale and consumption of liquor. 

“Such big positive change has come in, why ruin it for a peg or two? Turn off the lights & drink juice, you will feel its the same,” said Kumar, reports ANI.

Yes yes… you read it right. Lots of people on social media reacted like this:

He made this statement to counter criticism that the state has lost Rs 5,000 crore revenue due to the prohibition. “Around Rs 10,000 crore of the people are saved due to the liquor ban, which will be spent on good things and in turn further enhance the state’s GDP,” he said.

The JD(U) chief asserted that the ban on alcohol has given him satisfaction which no other work has provided and stressed on public awareness alongside strict enforcement of the new liquor law for better results.

He refused to term the recent hooch tragedy in Gopalganj, in which 18 persons died, as “failure of prohibition”, saying such incidents have happened in states where there was no ban on liquor. 

Listing the virtues of the decision to declare Bihar a complete dry state in April this year, Kumar said, “Steps taken by the state government (on alcohol ban) cannot be retreated.” 

Twitter not surprisingly tore into Kumar for his analogy: 

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