With paranoia and fear around coronavirus still going strong, there have been many instances of unsympathetic behaviour being displayed in public. Most recently, there was a tragic and shameful incident that took place in Karnataka.

A family at a village in Belagavi district had to wear PPE suits and transport a dead body on a bicycle in the midst of heavy rains after no one offered to help, fearing they’d contract covid.

A video of the incident was shared on social media.

The B S Yediyurappa government was slammed for the incident, with questions arising about why no ambulance was provided. The man had a fever for 2 days before he was taken to the hospital. On the way, he died.

The family claimed they had called the emergency number for an ambulance but there was no response. The neighbours also did not help out out of fear of getting the virus. 

The family ultimately took the body to the cremation grounds on a bicycle, and performed his last rites.