A man was forced to use his child’s mini scooter to reach a government hospital in Telangana after being unable to cough up up Rs 150 for a wheelchair.

The man, identified as 33-year-old Raju, suffered a head injury during an accident in August last year and has since been waiting to have surgery. 

Raju’s wife told News18 that they cannot afford to pay the required Rs 100-150 for a wheelchair and have been using his child’s mini-scooter instead of a wheelchair for the past three trips to the hospital.  

Raju left the hospital two months after being treated for the accident, when doctors asked him to arrange for blood. He has since been turned away, multiple times allegedly due to the unavailability of beds. 

The family has now asked the government to aid them in arranging for blood. 

(Feature image source: Youtube/News18)