Well, this is awkward. According to a recent report in the Mumbai Mirror , the future of Mumbai University students does not look good. The study found 50% of them to be unemployable.Just let that sink in. Half of the students in the Nation’s financial capital are not ready for jobs. Just have a look at the numbers. They are alarming –

Mumbai Mirror

The study suggested that many students prefer to pick up professional skills on the job. Employers argue that such an attitude defeats a large part of the purpose of education. Dr Sam Skariah, Vice Principal of Wilson College, agrees. He said, “During my interactions with various corporates over the years, I have received a feedback that the graduates who join work force aren’t equipped with the basic skills required at work. This becomes the main reason for attrition for the corporates and lack of job opportunities for the students,”How does the study define employability? Good question. They have come up with an EQ – Employability Quotient. It covers the participant’s preparedness for professional life. It checks for alarming patterns that might cause trouble at work. What a bummer! Do you agree with this survey? Or do you opine that the findings are misconstrued? As a former MU student, I personally feel that our syllabus completely undervalues entrepreneurship. This study is a rude, but necessary awakening. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter – @scenest3r

The feature image is used for representation only, clicked by Ninad Chaudhari on flickr.