Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the nation, our doctors and health workers have been working day in and day out, taking care of the infected patients. They not only deserve our gratitude for their selfless service but also good remuneration.

But it seems they are not being paid even their regular salaries at certain places.


Recently, resident doctors of a government hospital in Delhi alleged that they haven’t been paid their salaries since March 2020.

In a letter addressed to the municipal body of Delhi, they warned the officials of mass resignation if they do not receive their salaries soon.

We are not being paid salaries, making us unable to pay our house rent, huge travelling expenses and to buy essential commodities. We cannot work without money.
National Herald

They also demanded that their salaries should be paid at the earliest. Urging the authorities to take immediate action, the letter read:

We are afraid that if we won’t get paid by June 16, we will have to opt for mass resignation.

Doctors at other hospitals in the city have also made similar allegations. Recently, resident doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital had also written to PM Narendra Modi, seeking his intervention in getting their salaries released.