Dear smokers. Be sure of one thing. From now on, expect more, ” Yaar, ek sutta hai? ” from your peers at work.

Because in what may seem a diabolical decision to every smoker out there, our ministry of health has successfully banned the sale of loose cigarettes at your local panwadi , reports IBN Live . #TrueStory.

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But that’s not all. Here’s the full list of everything that the ministry has proposed to amend for good. Warning: This list might send smokers into a deep state of shock.

1. Remember that small fine of Rs 200 you may have paid once for smoking in public? That’s a whopping Rs 1000 now.

Hawa khao.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

2. And you can’t escape to the comfort of your favourite restaurant’s smoking zone. Because they might not be around for too long either!

But, but, but, where then?

Source: Healthy Enterprise

3. You’re 18 and you think you are an adult? Big joke. They don’t want you smoking before 21 anymore.

Hey, I am 18. I am a voter!

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4. But if you are 21, don’t rejoice yet. There is a Bill in place to further increase the age for smoking legally to 23, or even 25.

Heh. And you thought alcohol was bad enough.

Source: India Today

5. So, what then? Hookah? Nope. That might get banned altogether!


6. Wait. Are there ANY designated spots for smoking according to this proposal? Yes, at certain International airports.

FuckThisShit. I’m done.

Please note: None of this might get implemented. But a health ministry proposal is a health ministry proposal. And no more loose cigarettes, for real.

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