Honestly folks, I cannot wait to get married. To a dutiful sati-savitri who will toe the line and dance to my tunes.

Oh! And making sure she takes a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) before she goes abroad. Travel agents, here’s a big thanks.

An Indian wife in today’s day and age needs to take permission from her ‘hubby dearest’ to travel abroad alone, be it for business, or for pleasure. As reported by India Today , this is the practice for travel to about 30 Muslim countries, as the tour operators say. If not the husband, then the father and if all male members are dead, then death certificate le jaana mat bhulna .

Hmm… I wonder if that is why Saif accompanies Kareena on her shoots abroad?

Source: ABPnews

But of course! Independence is just an illusion when it comes to marriages in India. We all know what the ideal Indian marriage means, don’t we? The wife goes through a complete checklist.

#1 The wife stays in the kitchen.

#2 The wife stays at the feet of her lord, the husband.

#3 The wife needs to be “pure”. Cue agni-pareeksha ?

#4 The wife needs to be loaded with dhan and quite possibly a 5BHK.


#5 The wife needs to take an NOC from the man to travel outside this country.

I am sure there is a perfectly rational reason why such a legal, written NOC is required.

Maybe the husband needs his morning tea and the wife is absent?

And is the lunch for the kids going to pack itself?

Who will watch over the maid and ensure she doesn’t steal anything?

It seems she has way too many responsibilities to just leave without my permission.

Personal relationships are transforming today into meaningful partnerships, where the women are not only outspoken but also have an equal say, equal rights and equal freedom.

Ours is a country where beti padhao and ghar pe bithao co-exist.

Isn’t it time we re-examine our double standards?

Feature Image: Telegraph