After the implementation of the lockdown, many domestic workers have lost their jobs and in a lot of cases, even salaries for months they did work. This is the case for some of the maids in Noida, as well.

Some of them are now sharing their stories, which are heartbreaking to say the least.

For instance, Anju Bibi, who lives in Noida Sector 75 and works in 77. In an interview given to The Indian Express, she said:

When the lockdown was implemented, I was given Rs 1,600 and told to leave. Now, no one is hiring. We do not know when we will get jobs again.
The Indian Express

The situation is so bad that some of them have even resorted to begging. “Someone suggested this (begging for food) a month ago. This has become my livelihood now,” said Posha Poonam Posaha who worked in Sector 40.

And these are just two of the many cases in and around the capital city. Another domestic worker from Lajpat Nagar told The Indian Express that her husband had to be admitted to the hospital because of dengue amid the lockdown, and that it was nightmare after being fired from job and paid only for the month of March.

Finding new jobs at this time is also not an option so most of them are left to the mercy of fate and strangers.

A truly sad state of affairs.

You can read the whole story here