A teenager has allegedly hung himself to death at his home in Noida as he was reportedly ‘depressed’ over not getting enough likes on his TikTok videos. 


According to Outlook, the 18-year-old, a resident of Salarpur, Sector 39 Noida was very active on TikTok but was unable to get the number of likes he wanted. 

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Speaking about the incident, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Noida, Ranvijay Singh said: 

During inquiry it came to light that he would make videos on TikTok and nobody was ‘liking’ his videos on the app since past few days. It’s a shocking finding… People from his family and neighbourhood said that he was really worried over not getting ‘likes’ on TikTok and that is why he took this extreme step. 

The boy did not leave a suicide note but according to the cops, he had been telling his family members and neighbours that he was ‘depressed’ because he was not getting the response he was expecting on the app. 


However, the police is still investigating the case and the will continue to do so depending on the findings of the case.