There was a time when I used to get really upset about being in a long distance relationship(LDR).

Meeting my partner maximum 3-4 times a year.

Fighting over text messages and then not being able to meet even to apologise.

Celebrating each other’s special days and achievements over conference calls.


But now I don’t feel sad.

Because I am deriving sadistic pleasure from the lives of everyone who is missing meeting their partner due to the lockdown.

Couples living in the same city are complaining of not being able to meet their partners, moaning about what all they could have done and grudging over the time they’ve lost.

Welcome to long distance relationship, bitches.

Actually, it’s only now that I am realising all the perks of being in a long distance relationship for years, when all of a sudden everyone is in one.

While couples are crying that they can’t go even a week without seeing their partner, here I am happily doing my chores without meeting him for months.

Isn’t that pretty much normal for those in long distance relationships?

Tum hafton ki baat karte ho, humein to mahino na milne ki practice hai.

Tum cuddles miss karte ho, humein to pillow ko hug karne ki practice hai.

Tum sex na kar paane ki complain karte ho, humein to phone sex karne ki practice hai.

Disturbance of workout routines or the inability to buy liquor are all first world problems for couples living in the same city. They have to deal with a third world problem they did not sign up for – long distance relationships.

I know it’s difficult to survive without disturbing your partner’s peace in person. But guys, it’s fun to go on a laughing spree with them, while sharing memes.

Couples who are stuck at home with their partners might be finding it hard to get their personal space. Those who are separated because of the lockdown are whining about not seeing their partners.

The only people who have had no change in their lifestyles are the ones already in long distance relationships.

Couples who used to meet every day, are spending time chatting virtually. In-person hangouts have turned into constant texting and watching Netflix together, but apart.

This unprecedented situation has made people seek advice for their relationships.

One of my friends contacted me for tips to survive this ‘lockdown’ relationship. Here’s what she said:

We normally see each other every day and stay with each other pretty much every night. This will be the longest time we’ve gone without seeing each other since we’ve been officially together.

On a serious note, welcome to the other side of the world. Hope you cover this distance successfully.