Doctors, nurses and every other person who works at a hospital should be treated like a diety, especially these days since they are risking their own lives to save us from literally dying a horrific death. 


But that doesn’t appear to be the case for the staff of Kashibai Navale College and General Hospital in Pune, Maharashtra. 


Members of the staff are right now staging protests outside the hospital over alleged the non-payment of salaries of last 6 months, ANI reported. 


This comes at a time when hospital staff all over the country are being tested positive for COVID-19 o a daily basis. 

Decca Herald

Just at the AIIMS in Delhi, since 1st of February , 206 healthcare workers including two faculty, ten resident doctors, 26 nurses, nine technicians, five mess workers, 49 hospital attendants, 34 sanitation workers and 69 security guards have been infected by the novel coronavirus.