Despite the fact that this election saw NDA winning an overwhelming majority, a large proportion of people preferred to choose NOTA over other candidates.

Of all the states in India, Bihar registered the highest number of NOTA votes. 

Source: The Hindu

According to a report by The Hindu, the NOTA vote share of Bihar stood at 2% of the total votes polled in the state.

This means that 8.17 lakh voters in Bihar opted for NOTA option while exercising their right to vote. 

Source: The Better India

Other states which followed Bihar closely were Daman and Diu, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh with 1.7%. 1.49% and 1.44% respectively.


NOTA option was introduced by the Election Commission in 2013 to help people express their dissent. A large number of NOTA votes indicate that people weren't happy with the state of affairs in their constituency and did not find any of the candidates worthy enough.