From sexual harrassment cases to corruption in politics, we bring to you the news that you might have possibly missed during the week.

1. A 21-year old man was arrested for allegedly raping and murdering his mother in Karnataka.

2. Kidnapped, gang-raped & blackmailed for months, 19-year-old UP law student killed herself after ‘no police action’.

The girl from a village in Bulandshahr filed a police complaint against the main accused. Ever since then, she was being blackmailed by the accused. Just a day after her death, the police arrested one suspect in the case.


3. A 6-year-old girl’s lungs were removed from her body for black magic after she was gang raped and killed.

According to police, her lungs were delivered to someone for black magic believing that it can help another woman give birth to a child.

DNA India

4. An Assamese journalist was beaten up by a gang of gamblers and land mafias after he reported about them.

The 42-year-old journalist, Milan Mahanta, was tied to an electric post and beaten in the middle of a busy road. He has been a reporter with the Assamese daily Asomiya Praditin newspaper for 20 years and writes frequently on crime.


5. According to a report, India is the only G20 nation on track to meet Paris pact’s 2°C goal.

6. New Zealand Police has introduced hijab as part of the force’s uniform to encourage more Muslim women to join the ranks.

Indian Express

7. Protests in Thailand intensified after the government decided to reject a constitutional reform proposal.

The protesters have been calling for reform of the monarchy to curb the King’s powers and ensure he is accountable to the constitution. The movement is the biggest challenge to the establishment the country has seen in decades.


8. RBI has imposed a moratorium on Lakshmi Vilas Bank and drafted a scheme for its merger with DBS Bank India.

According to the RBI, the financial position of the Chennai-based LVB has undergone a steady decline, with continuous losses over the last three years.

Business Standard

9. Delhi starts door-to-door survey, amid an increase in COVID-19 cases.

The survey will cover all 4,500-odd containment zones, as well as several areas outside containment zones, that have a high caseload.  

10. The Bangladesh police have introduced an all-woman unit to address the rapidly rising instances of online abuse and harassment targeting women.

the swaddle

11. A 28-year-old man in Gurgaon was beaten to death for marrying a Dalit woman.

As per reports, he had been receiving threats ever since he married a Dalit woman five months ago. The incident happened when he and his wife had gone to meet the woman’s parents.


12. The Central Information Commission said that the wife has the right to know her husband’s salary and can seek information about the same through RTI.

13. The owner of the famous Karachi Sweets shop in Mumbai concealed the word ‘Karachi’ from the signboard of his shop after an alleged threat from a Shiv Sena leader.

India Today

14. Ahmedabad city will go under “complete curfew” from Friday night till Monday morning with only shops selling milk and medicines remaining open,

ahmedabad mirror

15. India became the second country in the world after the US to record 9 million Covid-19 cases.


16. JD(U) MLA and newly appointed education minister of Bihar resigned 3 days after taking oath amid corruption charges.

Mewalal Choudhary is acing allegations of corruption in appoinments during his tensure as the VC of the Bihar Agriculture University. He was also suspended from the Nitish Kumar led government in 2017.

Important ones, right?