This is just like the Sharapova incident all over again. Remember how she forgot who Sachin Tendulkar was, despite the world’s best known face of cricket sitting in the stands to watch her play at Wimbledon?

Well, a UK tabloid has done a similar thing. This time to a top Indian actress.

So, the Daily Mail reported how Novak Djokovic was spotted with a “leggy brunette” as he exited a high-end club in Los Angeles on Tuesday. While the tennis world number 1 kept it simple in denim, the tabloid noted that his female companion “appeared to have made more of an effort in sartorial terms, favouring a timeless monochrome colour theme.”

The brunette, the paper noted, had “slipped her towering figure” into a “flirty” frock and wore “a pair of towering stiletto sandals which further heightened her willowy frame”.

Nowhere in the report does the tabloid gives any name to the “brunette”.

Of course, for most Indians it wasn’t Djokovic who deserved to be at the centre of the photos and be making headlines. It was Deepika Padukone!

The actress meanwhile as made no mention of the dinner on her Twitter feed and, evidently, a dinner with the Tennis World No 1 is just another evening for her as she shoots for the XXX sequel. 

Well, we thought the Daily Mail knew its celebrities. We’re disappointed beyond belief.