Ahead of the state elections in Assam, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has said that he’s a real Hindu and the BJP leaders are just contractors who are calling themselves Hindu. The comments came during Congress party’s manifesto release.

“I am real Hindu. They (BJP) are all fake Hindus who are self-proclaimed contractors of saving Hinduism,” Gogoi said, according to this Indian Express report.

b’Tarun Gogoi | Source: PTI’

Taking a dig at BJP and RSS, Gogoi said that both the parties are trying to impose their brand of Hinduism.

“Communities in Assam have their respective different deities, gods and goddesses. Hinduism has thousands of gods and goddesses. Yet, the BJP and RSS are trying to impose their own brand of Hinduism which the people do not like. Our real Hinduism does not teach us to hate other faiths. The Assamese brand of Hinduism has taught us to be secular and tolerant. Assamese Hindus do not despise people of other faiths,” Gogoi said.

He also alleged that BJP demolished the Babri Masjid for votes and capturing power and not because of Hinduism as the religion never promotes vandalism and demolition of monuments.