Shortly after Naseeruddin Shah’s questioning the legitimacy of Anupam Kher’s stand on Kashmiri Pandits created a buzz on social media, Shah has now clearly denied having made any such statement. In an interesting twist to the tale, Naseerddin Shah has said that he did not at all comment on Anupam Kher’s attempt to represent Kashmiri Pandits.

“I have not said any such thing, this is all misreporting,” Shah told ANI News.

And the same was quoted by Anupam Kher after he talked to Shah over the issue. “I contacted Naseeruddin Shah, he has denied making such statements. He (Naseer) told me when I have never said all this for so many years then why will I say it now,” Kher said, reports Deccan Chronicle.

When the reports of Naseeruddin Shah commenting on Anupam Kher came up, many came forward in support of Kher criticising Shah for his statements.

This is what Kher had tweeted earlier:

And this is what his supporters had to say:

(Feature image source: Twitter | India Today )