In the new normal, wearing a mask has become like breathing fresh air.

While the array of new designer, bejeweled face masks will spoil you for choices, this simple, hand-stitched tricolour face mask, retailing for Rs. 20 will lift your spirits for the 74th Independence Day.  

India Today

A couple in the East Burdwan district of West Bengal has started an initiative where they’re manufacturing masks with the Indian tricolour, ahead of Independence Day.  

India Today

Khokon Sheik was a migrant worker who used to work in Mumbai. A few years ago, he started a small scale business of his own in his hometown. 

Saksha TV

However, the lockdown has had a crippling impact on his business. But the couple kept their spirits and heads up as they started stitching handmade masks to survive and reach the high demands. 

The Seattle Times ( Representational Image)

With 15th August around the corner, this couple decided to celebrate the community spirit of independence day by sewing tricolour masks in bulk. 

We thought of making tricolour masks since it will serve two purposes, it will protect people from the virus and also help express their pride for the nation. 
Siliguri Times ( Representational Image)

This independence day, wear a tricolour or any mask and make your country proud.   

HT: India Today