One of India’s finest cricketers, Mohammad Kaif, became the latest target of trolls after he uploaded a picture of him and his son playing chess on Facebook.

Here is what he posted on his official Facebook account with a caption that read: Shatranj Ke Khilaadi.

Sweet, right? 

However, religious trolls who take offence at almost anything nowadays and unable to mind their own business, apparently had a problem with him playing chess.

According to them, as per Islamic laws, playing chess is haram. Islam fanatics then poured a barrage of comments schooling the cricketer about what is permitted in Islam and what is not!

It’s not the first time Kaif has faced the wrath of trolls. On a previous occasion, he was criticised for posting Surya Namaskar photos on Twitter:

Two days later, the cricketer has responded to the trolls

This incident comes close on the heels of several Muslim cricketers getting trolled for seemingly petty things.

Recently, Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan, was criticised for posted ‘un-Islamic’ image with his wife. In the same manner, Mohammed Shami received dozens of abusive comments from the Muslim community over a dress worn by his wife in a photograph.