Tourists visiting a colonial-era jail here in Medak district of Telangana can now get a first-hand experience of prison life by paying a fee of Rs 500 for a day’s stay.

The 220-year-old district central jail at Sangareddy, which has now been converted into a museum, offers a 24-hour confinement under an innovative initiative called “Feel the Jail” launched by the prisons department for people who want to spend time behind the bars and experience the feeling of being under detention.

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During the stay, the inmates will be provided with a prison uniform made of khadi, a steel plate and glass, a mug, washing and bathing soaps, bedding and other facilities as per state prison manual, in addition to a fan.

There is no work schedule for visiting ‘prisoners’ but they have to clean their barracks and are free to plant saplings during their stay.

The jail was built during the primeministership of Salar Jung-I in 1796 under the Nizam rule in Hyderabad.

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