Have you ever watched a movie depicting an invisible hand attempting to tilt the power equation in its favour, trying to subvert the nuclear operations of a country? Well, we can’t be sure whether you have watched such movies or not, but this seems like a real life edge-of-the-seat ongoing thriller in India.

This might come as a surprise, but many Indian nuclear scientists since 2009 have died ‘mysteriously’ and what perturbs a common mind is the police’s careless attitude terming these deaths as ‘suicides’ and ‘unexplained’.


Between 2009 and 2013 at least 10 employees from the department of atomic energy (DAE) have lost their lives mysteriously, a News Minute report notes.

In fact, nearly 50 years after the death of the ‘father of Indian nuclear programme’ Homi J Bhabha in a controversial plane crash in France, nothing substantial explaining the cause of crash has been brought before public.

According to the report, Dr. Bhabha had died in an air crash after he publicly said India could produce a nuclear device in a short time. The crash had reportedly taken place in the Swiss Alps near Mt. Blanc and no debris was ever found.

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Is there a reason that connects the deaths of all these scientists?