America has recorded the world’s highest death toll due to COVID-19, eclipsing the numbers of China and Italy.

And while we are just terrified by the numbers, health workers are the only people staring at reality in the face.

A Facebook post by a nurse from the US gives us a peek into the reality. The nurse, Aleixandrea Macias, has been working in a makeshift ICU for days now and her post is going viral on social media.


In her post, she talked about how terrifying things really are. She as a nurse has never seen anything like this before.

Several days into looking after COVID-19 patients in ICU, she hasn’t seen anyone recovering and this detail is terrifying.

She further shared how it feels to see young people infected with the virus, people who have had no medical problems and who are capable of doing 5 jobs a day.

Urging everyone to take this situation seriously, she wrote:

You can read her entire post here.