In the last year, we have seen many heartbreaking images from around the world. Those not just of suffering but also of isolation, given the nature of the viral we are battling. 

The coronavirus spreads fast, so it becomes imperative to distance patients from their loved ones. In many cases, depriving them of any contact with their families in their last moments. 

Which is unimaginably heartbreaking. However, it is in times like these that some people remind us what it means to be human. 


Like nurse Semei Araújo Cunha from the São Carlos hospital in São Paulo, Brazil. 

One of her patients, who was intubated, had cold hands and it was becoming a problem. So, to solve the same, Cunha came up with a solution that didn’t just help the person medically but also emotionally.

She filled two gloves with warm water and tied them around the patient’s hand. This didn’t just increase the blood flow, but also gave them a feeling that someone was holding their hand. Or at least that’s the hope.

A report from Indian Express quoted the nurse as saying:

I made this glove with hot water to improve my patient’s perfusion and see saturation better, and I hope she feels that someone is holding her hand

Now people have been sharing this image on social media, reminding each other of the unbearable loneliness in death that the virus leads to.

Let this photo serve as a reminder that we have to be kinder to each other, and also that we have to be careful – for our sake and that of our family members. No one should have to see this day.