If you are an Indian citizen, it can get really difficult to remember what a spine looked like on a journalist/ news anchor. 

Source: Tenor

Which is why, we have brought to you this video from new Zealand, where anchor Tova O' Brien takes down Jami-Lee Ross, a politician whose party had been spreading misinformation about COVID-19.  

When Ross tries to divert from her questions, she shoots back again. She calls him out for creating mass hysteria during a pandemic. 

And when he tries again to lie on her show, she shuts him down! Just like that. 

The final nail in the coffin, however, comes when she tells him that his career is over and this was the last time he would be invited to their show!

Wow, as good as New Zealand's healthcare is, I doubt any doctor would be able to treat those burns. Even Twitter's like 'Repect'!

You can watch the whole interview here: 

Well, if I seem too impressed by what a decent journalist should do anyway, it's because, we don't have a lot of those here.