It’s a rare, but much needed sight to witness world leaders show kindness in minuscule ways. And, this is exactly what the internet saw New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern do recently. The PM replied to Lily, an eleven-year-old who wrote a letter to her as a part of a school assignment. If this isn’t a top-tier example of how to be a leader, then we don’t know what is! Plus, this isn’t the first time Jacinda Ardern has won everyone’s hearts over by being her awesome self.

LA Times

Lily had sent the letter back when the Covid-19 lockdown was first imposed and PM Ardern made sure to apologise for the delay in writing back! Lily’s father, Philip Bromwell posted an image of the letter on his Twitter account. 

Here is how twitizens responded to the thoughtful and kind gesture by the PM. 

If only all world leaders went the extra mile like this.