Amid all the news about e-commerce websites not delivering it right, here’s a story about how those who went the extra mile got penalised for it.

Supreme Court lawyer Suhaas Joshi has filed a complaint against and (which has shut shop due to losses) for “abetting gay sex and exhibiting obscene products by listing lubricants and massagers/vibrators”.

Before we go “Whaaaaaat, why?” here’s Joshi’s clarification highlighting how he’s “not against homosexuality”, as told to Quartz .

“There is a lot of confusion. Companies are selling products which are used for same sex activity, but at the same time, Indian government says such acts are illegal.”

Source: Indiafoto

Fair enough, but your demand, dear sir, has only added to our confusion. Here’s why.

1. Is anal sex only for men? What about us girls? Doesn’t “gay” include gay women?

Source: Universcine

2. If it is only for men, why can’t it be used by a woman on a man, therefore making it heterosexual sex?

Source: Otavafiles

3. There is no specification on the website that states that the vibrators are anal or vaginal. Y U deprive us? (We don’t mind either.)

Source: Huffington Post

4. Isn’t marketing sex objects in India illegal as is? How does it matter if it’s for “straight” sex or “gay sex”?

Source: Telegraph UK

5. Finally, section 377 prohibits us from having “unnatural sex”, which we’re guessing is everything but that good ol’ missionary position. So then, isn’t EVERY sex toy unnatural, and therefore under 377? What’s the point to this gay shaming?

Source: The Guardian

Meanwhile, here’s what someone from Snapdeal has to say , “ is an online marketplace which provides a platform to connect buyers and sellers. We understand that at times sellers may list products which may be inappropriate, we take down such listings upon being notified of the same.”

You probably mean well, Mr Joshi. But by bringing this up as a case, whether pro or anti the LGBT cause, you really haven’t cleared anything up.

Instead, we are probably another avenue short of buying sex products in India. Bleh.