The second phase of the fortnight-long odd-even scheme on Friday rolled out in Delhi with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealing to the people of the city to join hands and make the road-rationing plan a success. 

Kejriwal and his party couldn’t have asked for a better start with an overwhelmingly positive response from Delhiites

People are delighted about empty roads even during peak hours 

However, one also has to keep in mind that few vehicles were expected anyway for the first three days as it is a holiday on Friday for Ram Navami followed by the weekend.

The effect of the scheme will be felt on Monday as officer goers and school children step out to reach their destination

Cops were busy monitoring number plates with 500 Challans being issued in the first five hours

Interestingly, some people welcomed this initiative not because it’ll reduce the pollution levels, but because it’ll cut down on traffic 

They were ofcourse the naysayers, who ridiculed the scheme

It’ll be criminal to miss the funny ones…