If you’re looking for an inspirational story, then this might be it. A man from Tulubi, a village in Odisha’s Nayagarh district, spent thirty years building a road through the hills because the government had refused to. 

Hindustan Times

Harihar Behera began building the road with his brother Krushna, when he was in his twenties. The only tools they had on them were a hammer, hoe and a crowbar. Ultimately, they ended up building one that is 3 km long. 


Apparently, many years ago residents of the village had approached a minister to make a request for the construction of a road in the area because commutation was a serious issue. But the plea was not heard. Which is what led to Harihar taking the initiative. 

He has really garnered appreciation for his efforts and will. 

These are the kind of people society truly needs.