Salman Rushdie, the Booker prize-winning British-Indian novelist, who is globally hated by many Muslims for his controversial book Satanic Verses, has released a new video that is sure to raise eyebrows.

Titled ‘Violent Mutations of Islam Are Still Islam‘, this is what the video upoaded on his Youtube channel Big Think, says about Islamic terrorism:

Why be in denial?

“If everybody engaged in acts of Islamic terrorism says that they’re doing it in the name of Islam who are we to say they’re not.”

By logic, what’s happening is got to do with Islam

“I think it’s perfectly legitimate to be highly critical of religion in general and in particular right now the use is being made of the Islamic religion because of, I mean, what’s happening in the world, you know. I think to say that that’s not to do with Islam is just a logical impossibility.”
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Islamic terrorists have their own definition of Islam 

“I mean now of course what they mean by Islam might well not be what most Muslims mean by Islam. But it’s still a form of Islam and it’s a form of Islam that’s become unbelievably powerful in the last 25 and 30 years. A form of Islam that if that oppresses and kills Muslims more than anyone else”

Not Americans, but Muslims are killing the Muslims

“That’s to say most of the Muslim deaths in the world right now are not caused by American drones. They’re caused by Islamic attacks on Muslims of another type, you know. Shiite attacks on Sunnis. Sunni attacks on Shiites. Most of the oppression of Muslims in the world right now is carried out by other Muslims, you know. Whether it’s the Taliban in Afghanistan or, you know, the Ayatollah or wherever it might be.”

Is there a solution? First, get real

“The problem is that there’s been a mutation in Islam which has become unusually virulent and powerful. And it needs to be dealt with but in order to deal with it we have to first call it by its true name.”

Watch the video below and read the entire transcript here