There are many things we can’t say for sure. That January has been tough for the nation, is not one of them.

Just one month into the new decade, we have seen a lot happening in the country. A lot of protests, a lot of resistance and a lot of words from our leaders, which are becoming more offensive with each passing day. Here are 17 of them.

In a rally, while Anurag repeatedly chanted desh ke gaddaron ko, the people responded with goli maaro saalon ko.

Full quote being, “If you have to raise slogans, then raise slogans related to the way minorities are being tortured in Pakistan. If you have to take out a procession, then take out a procession in support of the Hindu-Dalit victims exploited from Pakistan.”

Words, they can do a lot. Our politicians don’t realise that – or maybe they do and that is a bigger problem.

Creatives by: Lucky Mehendiratta