Even after this pandemic ends, no one is really sure of when it will be safe to step out and go back to work. 

Nothing can be said for sure and this is concerning especially for a city like Gurugram that is home to many BPOs, MNCs and IT offices. 


During March, the Gurugram district administration issued an advisory asking companies to allow employees to work from home. 


But, according to reports, since the spread of the virus has still not been contained fully the Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority CEO VS Kundu said all employees might have to wok from home till end of July.

In an interview with PTI, VS Kundu says:

As of now it appears this advisory for work from home will continue till end of July. All those who have offices in Gurugram should continue to work from home to the extent possible. 

However, he also added that a few construction sites at GMDA and NHAI projects have been given the green signal to resume work within the norms of social distancing. He says:

Construction sites where labourers are already staying on the site or those where labourers stay within walking distance are allowed to resume work while adhering to social distancing norms.

Talking about the ongoing pandemic, he also stated that no one is sure when things will go back to normal and maybe this is the new normal that we all might have to adapt to. 


Mr Kundu, who is in charge of handling the Covid-19 crisis for Gurugram district, also reveals that the situation in Gurugram is “fairly under control” and there is no evidence of community transmission, as of now. 

As per data by the the Union Health Ministry, the state has reported 289 coronavirus cases, out of which, 176 have been cured, discharged or migrated and 3 have died.