Many police officials have been stationed on the ground for Donald Trump’s two-day visit to India in Ahmedabad. 

Around 12,000 police personnel have been deployed for ‘Namaste Trump’ event in Gujarat which includes 33 deputy commissioners and 75 assistant commissioners.

But, amongst all security personnel there was a young mother, named Sangita Parmar, who had to bring her one-year-old child to work as she was on duty ahead of Trump’s visit. 

Sangita, a constable at the Gorua Police Station in Baroda, carried her baby around in a handmade hammock for the last five days as preparations for Trump’s visit to India were underway.

She carried her baby around as she didn’t have an option of leaving him home or with her relatives, who live almost 24 kilometres away from her workplace.

And, because the child needed to be breastfed at regular intervals she had to keep him close. This is what she had to say while speaking to ANI

I have to perform both the duties of a police constable and mother. I don’t have a choice between the two. It’s not that I am not facing any adversity while performing both the duties together, however, there is a sublime satisfaction. Also, my son is unwell for which he needs my care.

Sangita chose duty above all but, even then, she found a way to balance her work life and personal life without any hiccups. Her story is truly heart-warming and inspiring.