After the brutal rape and murder of 27-year-old in Hyderabad, the nation has been collectively outraged over the plight of women of our country even in this day and age.

In light of the appalling situation, a young woman Anu Dubey has been protesting alone outside the parliament for justice to prevail with a placard that reads:

Why can't I feel safe in my own Bharat?
Source: Twitter

While she was raising concerns over the safety of women, the authorities detained her and she was in police custody for the 'crime' of demanding accountability.

Source: Twitter

She was later released and the internet collectively came out in support of her and in turn the Hyderabad rape victim. Twitter showed her their support with the hashtag #IamAnnuDubey.

While the authorities are still silent about the shocking incident, at least a fraction of our youth is taking the responsibility to demand accountability and action.