Ever since Delhi government announced its plans to allow odd- even cars on separate days to curb pollution in the city, social media has been filled with memes and opinions . The Delhi government has now issued some clarifications on how they would like to implement the scheme. Like:

The odd-even scheme for private vehicles will be in force only between 8 AM-8 PM from January 1 for 15 days. After that? We don’t know just yet.

There will be no restrictions on vehicular movement on Sundays. Basically odd and even cars can hit the roads.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has suggested that even numbered cars can be used on even dates and odd-numbered ones on odd dates.

Source: Screenshot/ Vineet Kumar

The Delhi government has not yet taken a call on whether to include two wheelers under this scheme.

Disabled persons’ cars will be exempted from this norm. The government said it still has to decide on whether women drivers will also be exempted .

Everything will be finalised and the detailed blueprint of this odd-even formula will be released on December 25.

A fine will be slapped on violators. The amount has not been decided yet.

( Feature image source: PTI)