Hello Mr. Ganesh Joshi,

I hope you’re doing fine now. A few days back, while working on a piece, I came across this article about you – a Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) MLA – who decided that the best to protest peacefully is through violence. There was a barrage of articles and news pieces about how you, Mr. Ganesh, did (or did not) beat up the police horse. Shaktimaan had served the Police force for about a decade before succumbing to his wounds. What kind of a human are you if you have to hurt defenseless animals to get your fucking political idea across?

There was no official statement released by the BJP about this issue. You were so busy proving how you didn’t hit Shaktimaan (even when there were videos which clearly proved otherwise) that you even tried blaming another political party of doing it. There was an uproar everywhere about animal brutality and a political conspiracy to defame you. It was suddenly not about an innocent animal but about the fucking political chaos around the issue and you.

Hindustan Times

How fucked up should your cause be if you need to harm an animal to get your point across?

Shaktiman’s injured leg was amputated last month to stop the spread of gangrene in his body. This fiasco inspired 54-year-old Tim Mahoney from Kentucky to travel over 12,000 km – all at his own expense – to deliver a prosthetic limb for Shaktiman. I finally thought that there might be some hope left for humanity. 

Your party, which doesn’t think twice about calling homosexuality a mental disorder, had no time to condemn this heinous attack. The biggest leader in your party atm, Mr. Narendra Modi, spoke about Muslims prior to the elections and mentioned how he would feel hurt when a dog gets trampled under his car. Did you take his words too literally? How did you manage to escape any sort of punishment by your party?

Zee News

Isn’t it fucking ridiculous how there would have been a huge problem had Shaktimaan been a cow? Are we being that stupid?

It’s not just about this violence being perpetrated against animals. It’s about violence in general. Violence is the weapon of a coward. When you’re too dumb to convey your thoughts, you resort to violence. I hope that you are neither because there’s the responsibility of an entire constituency resting on your shoulders.

Indian Express

Mr. Joshi, we know that you’re telling us that you’re not guilty but we’ve all seen the videos and the photographs. We’ve seen how peaceful you were at the protest. You might not have intentionally killed Shaktimaan but his blood is on your hands.

How do you sleep peacefully at night knowing that your actions have resulted into the death of an innocent animal?


Just because you have a religious belief or an agenda, you can’t talk down to us from that imaginary castle built on a high moral ground. You’re as responsible as anyone else for this.

May this case come as a harsh realisation that we don’t vote for Mr Modi or Mr Kejriwal or Mr Gandhi. We vote for our local representative. It doesn’t fucking matter whether you like any particular political party, you can at least vote for decent human beings during elections.

Indian Express

We, as a nation, have failed Shaktimaan. You have failed Shaktimaan and the country.

This is not the time when we try to debate animal cruelty and whether the consumption of animal protein is morally correct or not. Don’t even get your social media PR groups divert our attention with that shit logic. We, as a society, have come forward to condemn all these barbaric acts of violence in general. I hope that we do not make heroes out of people like you who indulge in any sort of violence. A country built on Gandhian principles should be a clusterfuck of everything that goes against the Father of our Nation.

Rest in peace, Shaktimaan. I genuinely believe that you’re in a better place now where none of us dumb humans would hurt you just to prove our fucking point. And you Mr. Joshi, I hope you get what you deserve.

– A concerned human being.