There’s no dearth of things we take for granted. There’s an old saying that somewhat says if the people of the world threw their troubles onto a pile, we’d actually run to snatch back our share of them. The problem lies in the lack of awareness of the dilapidated situations that people can be subjected to. It lies in not knowing the depths of, “Many have it worse.”

Child labour is one such issue. We see children selling flowers, serving food at makeshift and sometimes established eat-outs, and many of us would even know of a chotu who came to help in our own households. Laws abide and there are a number of NGOs working tirelessly to make sure these children find a better life ahead. 

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We all can do our bit. Not to make yourself look good but in the name of decency, if you wish to help in any way possible, here are some organisations where you’ll have the chance to volunteer or donate.

1. Child Rights And You (CRY)

One of the leading and most well-known organisations, CRY has worked since the 1970s towards the eradication of child labour. Based on the motto that each of us can be a small instrument of change, you can donate, volunteer, and work for them towards the cause. You can volunteer, donate online, send a cheque and be part of making someone’s life better somewhere.


2. CHILDLINE India Foundation

Ms. Jeroo Billimoria was a professor at TISS when on an experimental basis the CHILDLINE was initiated by the Department of Family and Child Welfare there. But as the calls started pouring in from various parts of Mumbai, she realised she was on to something. Today, it’s a nationwide helpline for children in distress. You can contribute via cash towards different aspects of child welfare and even volunteer to work for their cause. 

Childline Foundation

3. Save The Children India

Started in 2008 and registered as Bal Rakhsa Bharat, the institution strives towards policy making in collaboration with Indian and international government bodies to improve health and education systems. The funds received by the organisation are used to get children out of child labour, child marriage, child pregnancies, abuse and emergency situations. Donations are accepted and if you hold the power and knowledge to help them with partners or can be one, you could be a hero to many lives. 

Save The Children

4. SOS Childen’s Villages, India

Working with abandoned children and orphans, this institution tries to bring children under a protected umbrella. One can donate towards a child’s particular needs like clothes or a particular extracurricular activity, and a progress report will be sent to the donor accordingly. It can be an open or a closed donation, meaning you can personally interact with your ward, if you wish to.

SOS Children’s Village

5. Bachpan Bachao Andolan

An example of grass root movements, Bachpan Bachao Andolan has been the aid of 83,500 victims. Established in 1980, the organisation works towards rescuing and rehabilitating children who’ve been subjected to trafficking and child labour. Donations from Indian and foreign residents are welcome. 

Global March

6. Uday Foundation

There are various ways to react to tragedy. When a baby boy was born to Tullika and Rahul, they wanted the world for him but their hands were tied as the child was born with multiple congenital defects. But the resolve was to make sure no other child goes through the same, which is why healthcare is the main prerogative of the Uday Foundation. You can donate in cash and in kind, like old clothes.

Uday Foundation

7. Pratham Education Foundation

Pratham believes in addressing the root cause of child labour – lack of quality education. It works towards ensuring that higher levels of education are available to those who cannot afford it and they use outcome-oriented methods and not rote learning – which is the practice in the most high-end educational institutions of the country. You can donate to the cause here.

NGO Speaks

If out of two slices of bread you just need one, giving away one would bring you nothing but joy. There are millions out there living only in the hope that they survive when the shines again and being instrumental in keeping that hope alive will do only good. Here’s how you can do your little bit.