Since 2001, Nicole Daedone and her organisation OneTaste has been running a rather strange operation, that, as one user put it, might look ludicrous at first glance. I’m talking about something called Orgasmic Meditation, which aims at providing women with a better sex life and helping them achieve better climaxes. 

These orgasmic meditation classes, which cost £147, usually involve a woman undressing from the waist down, following which an ‘expert’ massages and strokes her clitoris for 15 minutes in front of the rest of the class.

Nicole describes how there are 10 primary spots in the clitoris, and each spot has a different feeling associated with it. Thus, when the practitioner strokes these different areas for an extended period, it feels like a symphony of sensations, and leads to an almost spiritual experience (and hopefully an orgasm as well). The classes promise a “larger state of consciousness, improving intimacy in relationships and generally increasing your orgasm skills”. 

Nicole claims the female orgasm is vital for every single woman on the planet. Going by the fact that there are already more than 10,000 practitioners worldwide, and the fact that it attracts couples of all ages, I’d say she’s on to something. Watch this video from The Chopra Well to know more!