Living in a violent atmosphere is never an easy life, something that people of Kashmir are well aware of. 

After having lost their father exactly a year ago, 4 kids from a Kashmiri village were left orphaned once their mother passed away.

According to reports, they were the only Pandit family in the village. But as soon as the news of the passing reached the neighbours, they opened their hearts and homes to these orphaned kids. 

Nothing report worthy, but given the turmoil and constant news of animosity between certain sections of society, this heartwarming story indeed gives us hope.

From helping the teenager boys to perform the last rites of their mother per Hindu rituals, to pooling in money to crowdfund the kids’ education and household needs, the neighbors definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. 

The selfless action of the neighbors proves that for the Hindus and Muslims living in Kashmir, the bonds that they have developed are not as easily broken as fights for border lines.

The neighbors have also requested the government to provide requisite help, though they continue to provide basic care to the children. 

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