Bed is a sacred place. From waking up to ending your day, a bed is a place where we are our rawest self. So when it comes to thinking of ideas, a bed has big role in it. 

According to a study inspiration strikes most often in the bedroom. There were 2,000 British residents commissioned by Microsoft Surface and it was noted that ideas hit us the best while we are dozing off, when we first wake up in the morning, and even in the middle of the night. 


The survey also denoted that 57% of women said they consider themselves creative, while only 48% of surveyed men mentioned the same. 41% of the total respondents said they wish they had more time to focus on their creativity.


This entire survey also showed that due to self-doubt, a whopping 65% of respondents said they don’t share new ideas with anyone due to fear of other people’s opinions and failure. And 31% said that confidence is key to succeeding as an inventor and truly be creative. 


Other than usual bed time, going for a walk was listed as the second most creativity-inducing activity, and listening to music came in third. Taking a shower and going for a drive also stood out in this list. 

BRB, heading to bed right away.