Egypt's former president, 67-year-old Mohammed Morsi, passed away due to a heart attack, while under trial. 

Source: aljazeera

When Mohammed Morsi was elected in 2012, he was the first democratically elected president in Egypt. However, he was ousted by the military after 1 year in office for charges of espionage and was serving time in prison. 

Source: theglobepost

Reportedly, he had been suffering from health issues but was denied proper healthcare while in prison and constantly subjected to solitary confinement. He was the leader of the now-banned Islamist movement Muslim Brotherhood. He collapsed in the courtroom during his trial.

Source: newshub

Following mass protests to his rule, he was removed from the office through a military coup. During the trial, he addressed the jury from a soundproof glass cage but minutes later, he apparently collapsed. He was buried a few hours after his death in the presence of his family.