Daily wage workers who came to the cities looking for jobs, are now desperately trying to return to their hometowns, as they are running out of money to survive in the city.

In this exclusive story by Scoopwhoop Unscripted, we will take you through the plight of 5 families who came all the way from West Bengal’s Bardhaman to Noida in search of jobs and a better life. 

A group of 22 people came to Noida before the lockdown was announced, as they were promised jobs, better pay and a better future for their children. 

But, things didn’t go as planned. 

As the first lockdown came into effect, all of them were asked to stay at home and to add to their misery, their employers who made promises to them, refused to pay salaries after the month of March. 

Each family received ₹7000 in March, but that wasn’t enough to survive the coming months. And, even their landlords refused to waive off the rent. 

Now, with no job security and no roof over their heads, the group of 22 people, including 11 children are staying at a resting facility next to the Dankaur railway station, hoping to board a train to return to their hometowns.

But, even that isn’t as easy as it sounds. The family members have been visiting the railway station trying to seek information about the trains that are running but, all their efforts are going in vain. 

They are still stuck in the city and they aren’t sure of how they are going to survive. 

They say they know that traveling with children, in these crucial times, can be risky but, they don’t have any other option. 

All of them are hell bent on going back and they promise to never set foot on this side of the country again. 

Their plight is unimaginable. 

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5 families from Bardhaman, West Bengal came to Noida 3 months before the country went into lockdown. They were promised a housekeeper’s job, a better pay and a better future for their children. As soon as the first lockdown was announced, all of them were asked to stay home. Employers refused to pay any salaries beyond the month of March. All the families with 11 children are stuck at a resting facility next to the Dankaur railway station, hoping to board a train back to their hometowns. 7000 rupees each that they received as their salaries in March ran out soon. Landlord refused to let go of the rent. All of them, a group of 22 people, rented 8 autos from Noida till here. Multiple visits to the railway station seeking information about trains turned futile. They are aware of the risks of travelling with children in the times of pandemic. But they don’t see any option. All of them are convinced that they don’t want to come back to this side of the country again. Watch this space. @samdishbhatia @surabhisundaram Photos: @kartiknijhawan

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