As a representative in most democratic systems, it doesn’t serve anyone to make baseless, polarizing statements that work to hamper peace of the nation. 

But in India’s case, things are quite different as is visible in this election term. And on the forefront of bizarre statements being made is Sadhvi Pragya Thakur.

Here is a representative from one of India’s biggest political parties who’s been in jail for her role in the Malegaon bomb blast in 2008. She’s currently on bail. And while this information should have been enough to keep her out of contesting anything, she has been given a ticket to contest in the world’s biggest election.

And this is not even the worst part. Her constant polarizing remarks on people and baseless ‘scientific’ arguments have added fuel to the fire at a time when sentiments are already so charged. It takes just a fake Whatsapp forward to wrongly accuse and kill people. Just imagine then, our politicians having so much power to veer people’s sentiments in the wrong direction.

Moreover, as a woman in politics, she promises to do absolutely nothing concrete for the cause of women in society. At a time when we need fierce women politicians talking about women’s safety, abortion rights, laws against marital rape, this is a leader that claims she hears ‘God’s voice’ to say whatever she wants.

Can we please have politicians stop spewing hate and talk some sense for a change?

Hey Vikas, where you at?