Here's a scoop that is truly out of this world. MarsOne, a non-profit foundation, has developed a plan to colonise Mars and intends to send the first ever human settlement there. The good news, anyone can apply. Yes, even you, you arm-chair astronaut you. The bad news, it's a one way trip. Inhabitants will have to live the rest of their life out on Mars with no means of coming back home.

via TIME youtube

Over 2000 Indians have already applied. Here are a few below.

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Ps: We have a strange eerie feeling that all this might just be one big prank. I mean why on earth (pun not intended) would they ask all the applicants to describe their sense of humor? Anyhow, as of now it seems real. Very real. All news organizations including CNN , BBC and our very own TOI have reported on it. So who are we to think otherwise, but don't say we didn't warn you!