India is seeing an unprecedented rise in the COVID-19 infections. Each day we are recording a new high in the number of cases and deaths. With so much pressure on our healthcare system, available resources seem scarce.

The condition is such that the top hospitals in Delhi faced an oxygen crisis. Many of them just had oxygen supply that would last them for 6-12 hours.

GTB hospital was one of them and apparently had oxygen that would last only until 2 AM, 21st April. Around 500 serious patients were waiting for oxygen.

Just when people were losing hope, the hospital received an oxygen tanker at 1:30 AM. A picture of the oxygen tanker outside the hospital is going viral on social media.

This pic became a symbol of hope in such dark times. Everyone on the internet also heaved a sigh of relief and prayed for the patients.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also urged the Centre to provide oxygen to Delhi hospitals.

Other hospitals in Delhi also received oxygen supply after Delhi HC intervened and asked the Centre to divert industrial oxygen to hospitals as soon as possible.