There's no business like Mary-Jane business. Especially if you gotta sort out an old feud over a few perfect spliffs. 

We might see that happening sometime soon in the future. 

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After having a reported tiff - a flamethrower row for which Escobar's brother demanded $100 million from Tesla - Roberto is back with a lucrative offer for Elon Musk. 

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Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto, recently wrote a letter to Elon Musk to request that they start a weed business together. He apparently wants to call it Escobar Drugs Inc., reports Unilad

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This is reportedly Roberto's way of giving the Tesla founder an opportunity to make amends for the conflicts they had in the past. 

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After launching the Escobar Inc Flamethrower this year, Roberto claimed a Tesla employee had stolen the idea, back in 2017. 

He also blamed Elon Musk for knowing about one the breach in his company's patented idea. 

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Partnering a marijuana business was the second option Roberto had for Musk, the first being, asking Donald Trump to pardon Roberto. 

This is because Roberto apparently wants to visit America and build a company in partnership with Tesla. 

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The letter had stated: 

I don’t like that you steal from me, it is not right to do in Colombia. I know you like to smoke. Me and Pablo smoked before. We can legally sell drugs together nowadays my friend, I know all about it. Easy business.

Roberto claims choosing from any of the two options can clear the mess between the two set of companies. 

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Elon Musk is yet to respond to the allegations or comment on any offers received by Roberto. We'd advice you watch this space.