Face it, Google is one of the best at making up things when it comes to April Fool’s Day. What’s even scarier is that some of those fake inventions went on to exist in the real world. (Remember Pokemon Challenge — eerily similar to Pokemon Go?)

So this year they’ve got these treats for April Fool’s Day, that we know of. 

Google Gnome

This year one of their ‘inventions’ is the Google Gnome, which is a bit like a Google Home, but with a cap, existential and not so pleasant. 

So when the man asks if a plastic compost he gets an existential answer: “Really, we’re all compost if you think about it. Almost everything is made up of organic matter, and will return to organic matter.” 

Seems very Marvin the Paranoid Android

Ms Pac Maps

So Google lets you play as Ms Pac-Man in this version of Google Maps. Look for the Insert Coin option at the bottom of the screen when you go to Google Maps:

Then enjoy playing Pac-Man and forgetting that you went to the site planning to go somewhere: 

Google Wind

Remember the nursery rhyme about wanting rain to go away? Google claims to be solving The Netherlands’ problem that it rains for most of the year by synchronising windmills to make sure they blow the clouds away.  

World famous Dutch DJ Armin van Buurin introduces the product that promises to blow you, and the clouds away: 

Puchi Puchi keyboards

OK this is only for Japan. Google Japan claims to have developed ‘puchi puchi’ bubble wrap keyboards to type in Japanese that will want you to keep typing forever. 

It also apparently comes in an aroma version where the bubbles are filled with the scent of Hawaii or the South Pole. 

Haptic Helpers

Who doesn’t love VR, where you lose yourself to an experience that tricks your sense of sight and sound to make you believe anything you’d like to. But what about the smells, taste and touch that go with it? 

Google is claiming to have Haptic Helpers who will help you get a complete experience with every virtual reality trip by giving you stimuli to feel the smell, touch and taste to go with an experience. 

And Google claims to be signing up for it. Go here for that and an unpleasant reality check. 

Did you find anything else? Let us know.