“Today, I am not your host Kiran Naz. Today, I am a mother.”

These were the opening words of Pakistani news channel Samaa TV anchor, Kiran Naz.

Times of India

She went on air with her daughter while reporting the brutal rape and murder of 7-year-old Zainab Ansari in Pakistan’s Kasur town. 

CTV News

In an attempt to sensitize people about rape incidents, Kiran brought her own daughter to the news room and delivered an all-powerful monologue. 

“Someone has said that smallest coffins are the heaviest and one such coffin is kept in  Kasur town today and entire Pakistan is crushing under its weight.”

Young Zainab was brutally raped and murdered a few days back, while her parents had gone for a pilgrimage. 

The incident was followed by a wide-scale protest which resulted in the death of two, after police who were unable to control the mob, decided to open fire.


Kiran further said:

“While Zainab’s parents were wishing for her long life, someone was cutting the thread of her life. While they were waiting to meet their young daughter, someone was separating them forever.”


Talking about the inefficiency of the justice system in Pakistan, an emotional Kiran explained: 

“Committees will be set up, inquiries will be held but the truth is that Zainab doesn’t need your justice. Her justice will be delivered on the day of judgment when the little girl will get up from her kabr and ask ‘what was my fault?'”

Here’s the full video: