Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had an iconic brain fade moment recently and it was broadcasted live on television. Of course, nothing could stop it from going viral!

He was addressing the nation, a day after suffering a setback in the Senate election, and became the talk of the town for his momentary fumble. 

Yeh jo sare…bade bade… bade bade…kya hai… jo bhi hai. 

-Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Twitter obviously had a great laugh over this speech and even compared Imran Khan to Joe Biden, the U.S. President who is known to fumble and misname people during his speeches. 

In the rest of his speech, Imran Khan said that, “There will be no difference in my life if I’m not in power, but I have a message for all of you, whether I sit in opposition or am even outside of the assembly, I will not leave anyone of you until you return this country’s money,” while addressing the nation.