As tomato prices continue to surge to unprecedented levels, a Pakistani bride used her special day to troll the government for the state of their economy and draw attention to the plight of the common man. 


She ditched the traditional jewellery and chose to wear a necklace, earrings and other ornamental items made out of tomatoes. 

Times Now

Journalist Naila Inaya shared video of the bride talking to another journalist, where she informed that her family had given her three boxes full of the ‘red, juicy, vitamin and mineral-rich fruit/vegetable.’

Gold is expensive, and now even tomatoes and pine nuts are expensive. That’s why I am wearing tomatoes instead of jewelry. 

-The Bride

She also claimed that parents who had given their daughters tomatoes for their weddings have given them everything. 

India Today

According to News18, the tomato prices in Pakistan had crossed Rs 300 per kilo. This steep rise is said to have been the result of Pakistan banning tomato imports from Iran, Afghanistan, and India.